Seasonal Food - February

February may seem to be a bleak month for seasonal produce. Little is happening in the garden. If you’re very lucky you might detect signs of early spring. It’s the perfect time to take stock of seasonal ingredients.

I used the tag ‘february’ for the vegetables, fruits, meats and fish listed on Cuuks.
If you need [...]

Quiet update

We started working on this update in December. The full house dinners, christmas madness and new year binges didn’t help much… and before we were done with it, a side project got in the way. Something called Sous Vide Celsius – a promising iPhone App in German.
Cuuks is our first and favorite and the [...]

cuuks version 1.4.2

composition tags

One of the key ideas of the cuuks project is to assign tags (taste descriptors and keywords) to ingredients and flavors. So far only individual ingredients had a tag icon. In this update we added tag clouds and tag icons to flavor compositions, as well.

‘active’ compositions

All recent compositions and the ones that someone liked [...]

compound butter #1 (for black cod)

butter, juniper berry, nori seaweed composed by dml

I used a coffeegrinder for nori & juniper berries

added butter

rolled it in foil

I tried this today: crisp cisco (fish) with nori-juniper butter, leek with wasabi (a little) and glazed apple. Looks now like something out of an old cookbook.

This hasty dish could be [...]

cuuks updated to version 1.3.1

notable changes:

‘like’ counters

improved like counters for compositions – find user profiles

notifications – for comments on a discussion

added notifications for when someone comments on a composition you commented on

tag search

improved tag search by popularity
(try using tags like ‘italy’, ‘inexpensive’, ‘vegetarian’, ‘healthy’ etc and type them into the search bars for finding ingredients or compositions)

10 foods to eat and drink in Cinque Terre - Liguria, Italy

Stefan (interaction designer & co-founder) took a break from hacking and left for a week long vacation to Genoa, Italy. I realized that by using tags, I can use Cuuks to compile a list of interesting foods for him to try. I used the tag liguria for the ingredients and compositions listed below. (Tags can [...]

version 1.2.0 - Profile image upload


Bug fixing ‘favorite users’: Now they should be correct.

Bug fixing ‘Notifications’: No more notifications when you comment on your own compositions.

User Profiles: You can upload an image file (PNG, GIF or JPG). Maximum filesize 50kB!

version 1.1.0

What is new?

Startpage: Moved instructions panels to the right to make room for suggested ingredients and compositions. You can now start combining right away by clicking on a composition or ingredient.

Design: Lighter shades of black for the title bars. Made some things bigger, others smaller. The overall effect should feel lighter and give you a [...]