back from that slump

Back from that slump. We were busy with our dayjobs, recently (or evening-job in my case). When we finally found time to work on cuuks – we took it apart and put it back together:

Picture 5



This last screenshot is from the lab version we are working on right now. It’s not working properly, yet. We will put it up when it’s usable.

thoughts and principles:

- “ingredient matching” should be playful

- “composition” is where the main interaction happens – “building recipes” – thats the idea- so we put that panel in the center and try to aggregate as much as possible on this page where you are “working”.

- “similar compositions”: suggestions for other generated compositions are being made based on “similar” ingredients. You will be able to adapt any public recipe in the database and work it into a composition of your own.

Many thanks to those, who already put up some recipes!

Cheers, Jonas

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