Hello and welcome!

Lucky you! You are part of a group of curious food fanatics and chefs. We think this project has a lot of potential. You can be part of it from the start and help us shape it into something that will be even more useful for you. Lucky us! We can only get better with a few dedicated people telling us what they think and this thing can only become meaningful with reasonable amount of user created content (compositions in the flavor archive). So, let loose!

This is what we are interested in:

  • a small group of smart and dedicated users to start with: join us on twitter and facebook and talk about it to someone you like.

  • user created flavor compositions: the more compositions you share, the better.
  • - a signature dish
    - seasonal compositions
    - vegetarian compositions
    - famous classics
    - barbecue and picnic combos
    - food and wine pairings

  • tell us about anything you like, dislike, don’t understand etc
    or in this forum

  • Meet you there.

    Best wishes,
    Jonas & Stefan

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