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Type in one ingredient to start with.

It can be anything, really. Whatever you find at the market, takes up space in your fridge, brings up memories…

Your favorite flavor right now. Type that in!

Cuuks will come up with suggestions to inspire you further…

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on the ones you like best. The bars you see on the right of an ingredient ||||||||| indicate recommendation strength.

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until you have a composition.
click on ingredients to add & click x to delete.

Tags, comments, URL’s

  • add a comment: “as seen on tv”  and/or  refer to an external link/URL

Add a title

or not – cuuks will automatically add a title if you don’t.

Hit Save. Done.


Besides creating new compositions you could also add:

  • An outstanding composition you ate at your favorite restaurant
  • A signature dish: Add the signature dish of a celebrity chef you like (or your own!)
  • Vegetarian compositions: Good to have some more of those! (use tag: vegetarian)
  • Famous classics: You find them in your dusty cookbooks.
  • Seasonal compositions:. Grill recipes, summer salads, winter comfort food etc.
  • Food and wine pairings: Add new grape varietals and share your expertise.

Start combining…

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