new stuff:

something is happening…

- i can’t wait for visual adjustments. we will decide next week, implement them as soon as possible and hopefully come up with something a bit more exciting for the eye.

- account management: anyone can sign up at the moment – choose and change password and mail contact

- search bar. you can now write anything into the search bar. type in ingredients, tags or descriptions (summer, italy, sweet) and the suggestions will adjust accordingly.

- i killed all german, italian and spanish expressions i could find. it is our declared goal to be multilingual and we are sure it can work – but for usability’s sake (and to give us some time to focus on the main features) we will develop in english now and let the multilingual stuff seep in later on.

- adding new flavors/ingredients has become easier: the input field “remembers” the word you had in the main search bar and when you are done adding – you can jump back to the previous combination.

thank you for all the feedback. we have a ton of ideas and are dedicated to turn it into something usable and fun. if you post some of your comments in the forum we might get a discussion going already (hey, 40 unique visitors should be able to do that ;) )

have fun,


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