matching ingredients...

Type in one ingredient to start with.

It can be anything, really. Whatever you find at the market, takes up space in your fridge, brings up memories…

Your favorite flavor right now. Type that in!

Cuuks will come up with suggestions to inspire you further…

Click on ingredients…

on the ones you like best. The bars you see on the right of an ingredient ||||||||| indicate recommendation strength.

Keep adding…

until you have a composition.
click on ingredients to add & click x to delete.

Tags, comments, URL’s

  • add a comment: “as seen on tv”  and/or  refer to an external link/URL

Add a title

or not – cuuks will automatically add a title if you don’t.

Hit Save. Done.


Besides creating new compositions you could also add:

  • An outstanding composition you ate at your favorite restaurant
  • A signature dish: Add the signature dish of a celebrity chef you like (or your own!)
  • Vegetarian compositions: Good to have some more of those! (use tag: vegetarian)
  • Famous classics: You find them in your dusty cookbooks.
  • Seasonal compositions:. Grill recipes, summer salads, winter comfort food etc.
  • Food and wine pairings: Add new grape varietals and share your expertise.

Start combining…


Hello and welcome!

Lucky you! You are part of a group of curious food fanatics and chefs. We think this project has a lot of potential. You can be part of it from the start and help us shape it into something that will be even more useful for you. Lucky us! We can only get better with a few dedicated people telling us what they think and this thing can only become meaningful with reasonable amount of user created content (compositions in the flavor archive). So, let loose!

This is what we are interested in:

  • a small group of smart and dedicated users to start with: join us on twitter and facebook and talk about it to someone you like.

  • user created flavor compositions: the more compositions you share, the better.
  • - a signature dish
    - seasonal compositions
    - vegetarian compositions
    - famous classics
    - barbecue and picnic combos
    - food and wine pairings

  • tell us about anything you like, dislike, don’t understand etc
    or in this forum

  • Meet you there.

    Best wishes,
    Jonas & Stefan

    version 0.37

    BBCodes can be used to style the notes of a composition in cuuks:
    [b]bolded text[/b], [i]italicized text[/i], [u]underlined text[/u], [s]strikethrough text[/s]

    Links Typing any URL into notes will turn it into a link:
    Alternatively you can use BBCodes to do the same: [url][/url] or [url=]Example[/url] This way you can now link compositions to a recipe-blog or any other site on the web.

    Load more You can find more compositions and ingredients by clicking on the “load more – button” on the bottom right of the panels.

    Find compositions by name, ingredients, tags or user. A search bar worth its salt!

    summary for updates 0.32-0.36

    Notable features added in versions 0.32 to 0.36 besides bug-fixing

    Profile pages. We uploaded a basic version of user profiles. This should give an idea about other users on cuuks. The charts are computed based on compositions that were made public. So far you see: Favorite users (People whose compositions you liked)/Tags of favorite compositions/ Biggest fans (They liked your compositions)/ Most used ingredients/ Most used tags

    ENTER key shortcut. I like this. Start writing- and hit ENTER when the ingredient shows up on top of the selection panel. Some sort of auto-complete. You have to give it some time to adjust suggestions for you, though. Overall it makes composing faster and that’s a good thing. I’m already fantasizing about BACKSPACE…

    Comp viewing and editing. When you click on a composition title it is first loaded in viewing mode. Clicking again on notes, ingredients or the title lets you edit the composition. This should resolve some of the confusion. Let us know if this works for you..

    new cuuks version 0.31 is up

    A new version of cuuks is up and running- I am happy to announce!

    New features are:

    - A simplified start page:
    When you start out you can now do two things: Either compose ingredients or look for an existing composition. We try to use simpler work flows. This seems to do just that.

    - New panel arrangement:
    We tried to think of ways to make things more intuitive. One of the ideas behind the new panel arrangement was to work from the left to the right. You have searches on the left, the composition – your workplace – in the middle and similar compositions on the right. We tried to put as much as possible on one page and save a few clicks.

    - Design: The navigation bar is now on top where it belongs. We kept the red-white parchment-black theme and did a few tweaks here and there..

    - Similar compositions:
    The similar compositions panel suggests matches based on the ongoing search query. It’s the quick way to find an existing composition that matches an initial idea.

    - Adapt compositions:
    Cooking is an evolving art. With this feature you can adapt existing compositions and adjust them to your taste. You can edit any composition that was made public.

    Happy to have you on board! We are looking for more people who can make use of this. If you know other chefs and foodies who might like to play with this-tell them about cuuks! We are curious to find out what it is used for.

    We are still having fun imagining the possibilities of and it just keeps getting better. There is more to come.


    back from that slump

    Back from that slump. We were busy with our dayjobs, recently (or evening-job in my case). When we finally found time to work on cuuks – we took it apart and put it back together:

    Picture 5



    This last screenshot is from the lab version we are working on right now. It’s not working properly, yet. We will put it up when it’s usable.

    thoughts and principles:

    - “ingredient matching” should be playful

    - “composition” is where the main interaction happens – “building recipes” – thats the idea- so we put that panel in the center and try to aggregate as much as possible on this page where you are “working”.

    - “similar compositions”: suggestions for other generated compositions are being made based on “similar” ingredients. You will be able to adapt any public recipe in the database and work it into a composition of your own.

    Many thanks to those, who already put up some recipes!

    Cheers, Jonas

    Splashpage: new login, screenshot and cartoon

    The original login was way too complicated – now it’s nice and easy – you can login from the splashpage if you have an account or use the codes that we send out.

    So far I am resisting the idea of publishing photos of ingredients and plates. Badly photographed food looks horrible and distracts your personal imagination of flavors in any case- often you can concentrate better on smells when you close your eyes. Nevertheless we want there to be some images and here they are: A cute screenshot and (drumroll!) a CARTOON by our friend Jonas Brühwiler – not to be confused with my humble self – I am just a cook…



    hey, beta testing crowd!

    ahh,feeling good again! cuuks is back in beta mode. and it’s in true beta stage – things are missing, crooked and working in weird ways- just they way it should be. we haven’t written a “how-to” yet- so you just have to figure it out yourself. any comments are highly appreciated. so far i get mostly mails and personal messages which we like a lot- but… even if your english is just so-so: we much prefer you commenting in the forum – so other people can respond and feel encouraged to do the same. thank you all!
    jonas (very happy)

    working behind closed curtains

    logo, claim, font, design, texting… a busy week.

    for now we are hiding behind our splashpage. behind closed curtains we are still making decisions on frontend design and positioning.

    also in the works: tagcloud and a way to share the combined flavour recipes

    it’s all major stuff – patience and focus will be key…

    i love this work – it comes close to a friday night dinner rush!

    patience and focus.

    so long,


    new stuff:

    something is happening…

    - i can’t wait for visual adjustments. we will decide next week, implement them as soon as possible and hopefully come up with something a bit more exciting for the eye.

    - account management: anyone can sign up at the moment – choose and change password and mail contact

    - search bar. you can now write anything into the search bar. type in ingredients, tags or descriptions (summer, italy, sweet) and the suggestions will adjust accordingly.

    - i killed all german, italian and spanish expressions i could find. it is our declared goal to be multilingual and we are sure it can work – but for usability’s sake (and to give us some time to focus on the main features) we will develop in english now and let the multilingual stuff seep in later on.

    - adding new flavors/ingredients has become easier: the input field “remembers” the word you had in the main search bar and when you are done adding – you can jump back to the previous combination.

    thank you for all the feedback. we have a ton of ideas and are dedicated to turn it into something usable and fun. if you post some of your comments in the forum we might get a discussion going already (hey, 40 unique visitors should be able to do that ;) )

    have fun,