Seasonal Food - February

February may seem to be a bleak month for seasonal produce. Little is happening in the garden. If you’re very lucky you might detect signs of early spring. It’s the perfect time to take stock of seasonal ingredients.

I used the tag ‘february’ for the vegetables, fruits, meats and fish listed on Cuuks.
If you need inspiration in the weeks to come, you can always type ‘february’ into the search bar to receive seasonal suggestions.


Brussel Sprouts
Cavalo Nero
Chervil Root
Belgian Endive
Cime de rapa
Cima di rapa (Broccoli Rabe)
Forced Rhubarb
Jerusalem Artichokes
Lamb’s Lettuce (Mâche)
Parlsey root
Purple Sprouting Broccoli
Red Cabbage
Scorzonera, Black Salsify
Savoy Cabbage

Herbs, Funghi, Nuts

Button Mushrooms
Black Truffle


Blood Orange
Medjool dates
Passion Fruit


Blue Crab
Sea Urchin
Lake Trout


Guinea Fowl

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Quiet update

We started working on this update in December. The full house dinners, christmas madness and new year binges didn’t help much… and before we were done with it, a side project got in the way. Something called Sous Vide Celsius - a promising iPhone App in German.

Cuuks is our first and favorite and the suggestions I get for ad hoc food improvisations still seem to improve. There are a lot of creative and progressive compositions on Cuuks now. I am proud that this project managed to engage people with an outstanding sense for flavor combinations. If you come back only once in a while – and post fantastic stuff like this – then I don’t mind the quiet times…

In this update besides bug fixes like

… shortening twitter feeds
… fitting composition titles to panels
… Internet Explorer 6 (too many to list )

this Version 1.5.4 features:

Design changes – to brighten your mind and facilitate user interaction

Nice URL’s – to copy & paste without shame

Cuuks, the Mobile Version!
A user-requested feature. Very few people carry a laptop while working a stove or foraging roots and spring flowers – so this makes a lot of sense! Check it out!

Thank you for sharing ideas. Enjoy this one!


cuuks version 1.4.2

composition tags

One of the key ideas of the cuuks project is to assign tags (taste descriptors and keywords) to ingredients and flavors. So far only individual ingredients had a tag icon. In this update we added tag clouds and tag icons to flavor compositions, as well.

‘active’ compositions

All recent compositions and the ones that someone liked or commented are ‘active’. These ‘active’ compositions are the ones that show up on the startpage. Add a comment or simply click the ‘Like’ button to push favorite compositions to the top.

twitter & facebook

We added twitter and facebook buttons to compositions. Click the buttons to add a composition to your twitter or facebook feed. You can make adjustments before sending the final version.

Here we go:

compound butter #1 (for black cod)

butter, juniper berry, nori seaweed composed by dml

I used a coffeegrinder for nori & juniper berries

added butter

rolled it in foil

I tried this today: crisp cisco (fish) with nori-juniper butter, leek with wasabi (a little) and glazed apple. Looks now like something out of an old cookbook.

This hasty dish could be improved in various ways. I tried it with cisco (a very common type of lake fish around here, called ‘Felchen’) – but I’m thinking the butter would be better with a stronger fish. I liked the nori with juniper berry very much. Juniper prolongs the nori flavor. It becomes fragrant. Ocean, toasty, pine. Really cool.

cuuks updated to version 1.3.1

notable changes:

‘like’ counters

improved like counters for compositions – find user profiles

notifications – for comments on a discussion

added notifications for when someone comments on a composition you commented on

tag search

improved tag search by popularity
(try using tags like ‘italy’, ‘inexpensive’, ‘vegetarian’, ‘healthy’ etc and type them into the search bars for finding ingredients or compositions)

10 foods to eat and drink in Cinque Terre - Liguria, Italy

Stefan (interaction designer & co-founder) took a break from hacking and left for a week long vacation to Genoa, Italy. I realized that by using tags, I can use Cuuks to compile a list of interesting foods for him to try. I used the tag liguria for the ingredients and compositions listed below. (Tags can be typed into the search bar on

Last month I was staying with friends in Cavi. It was a fantastic time for me in terms of experiencing outstanding food. The people in Liguria are food fanatics and enjoy talking about it. They all agree that no other place on earth has healthier and better tasting ingredients than the ones they enjoy every day. Here is a list of scrumptious food to taste when visiting Cinque Terre and Liguria:

1. Foccacia: You need to taste it again. It’s a different story here. A religion almost. To understand, get it fresh and plain from a panificio, then move on to the famous Foccacia di Recco made with fresh, light and salty cheeses (formaggetta and stracchino). When well made, the consistency is similar to a very thin and salty cheesecake.

2. Anchovies (acciughe marinate): Marinated in lemon juice, white wine vinegar and olive oil
Some say that the anchovies of Monterosso have a particularly well-balanced flavor. I could eat them every day especially when paired with a glass of…

3. Vermentino (tagged: grape, varietal, floral, mineral, honey, resinous). You might find a place where you can get some straight from the barrel (vino sfuso), filled into PET bottles. That cheap house wine is often very good. Another great white, the Cinqueterre is made of at least 40% of Bosco grape, and up to 40% of Vermentino and/or Albarola. A perfect aperitivo. During this evening ritual it is customary for restaurant to kepp the small bowls on your table permanently filled with free salty snacks. And you stay a bit longer and maybe order another glass to go with the sunset.

4. Olive oil – Ligurian olive oils are delicate and fruity. Many have a hint of bitterness which is part of their character. It is worth bringing a few bottles home.

5. Pansoti con salsa di noci: Pasta stuffed with ricotta, borage flower and herbs topped with salsa di noci: a sauce made of walnuts, walnut oil, bread,garlic, marjoram, olive oil and cream. This has become a staple menu item in Liguria. Choose wisely my friend and don’t fall into a tourist trap.

6. Ricotta cheese from Val d’Aveto and and Val Graveglia. It is used in ravioli and sweet cakes. The fresh whey cheese tastes really good with foccacia and local olive oil.

7. Pesto Genovese is traditionally ground in a mortar and consists of basil, garlic, salt, olive oil, pine nuts (or walnuts) and a mixture of parmigiano-reggiano and pecorino sardo.
Trofie (rolled strip of pasta cut into little pieces and twisted into their final shape) and Trennete (flat, dried ribbon) are classic pasta varieties to eat with Pesto Genovese.

8. Fish and seafood. Fish and seafood play a very important role in the local cuisine. I’m a big fan of sea bass (spigola/branzino), gilt-head bream(orata), mackerel (sgombro) , sea bream (pagro) and huge servings of mussels (cozze).

9. Chickpeas. Used in Farinata. A hard-to-describe mixture between a pizza and a pancake, with a unique texture. Consists of chickpea flour, water and olive oil. It is usually eaten plain, but sometimes seasoned with rosemary, black pepper and sea salt.

10. Sciacchetrà – Amber colored straw wine. Sweet but not overly so with mineral elements. The grapes are dried in the sun, handselected, processed by natural fermentation. Apricot, pineapple, herbs, citrus and benzaldehyde (bitter almond) aromas are often present. Low yields make it rare and famous. People say they can taste the sea in this wine.

The ingredients listed in bold are tagged with liguria on (click on ‘more suggestions’ to see the whole list) Make your own compositions with these e buon appetito!

version 1.2.0 - Profile image upload


Bug fixing ‘favorite users’: Now they should be correct.

Bug fixing ‘Notifications’: No more notifications when you comment on your own compositions.

User Profiles: You can upload an image file (PNG, GIF or JPG). Maximum filesize 50kB!

version 1.1.0

What is new?

Startpage: Moved instructions panels to the right to make room for suggested ingredients and compositions. You can now start combining right away by clicking on a composition or ingredient.

Design: Lighter shades of black for the title bars. Made some things bigger, others smaller. The overall effect should feel lighter and give you a clearer idea of how this thing works.

Notifications: Automatic notifications for ‘comments’ & ‘likes’. Gets you more involved when you know what’s going on. Preferences to turn that on and off.

Permanent login: The hassle of having to login anew every time is no more!

Enjoy this version while it lasts- it’s a good one!

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