compound butter #1 (for black cod)

butter, juniper berry, nori seaweed composed by dml

I used a coffeegrinder for nori & juniper berries

added butter

rolled it in foil

I tried this today: crisp cisco (fish) with nori-juniper butter, leek with wasabi (a little) and glazed apple. Looks now like something out of an old cookbook.

This hasty dish could be improved in various ways. I tried it with cisco (a very common type of lake fish around here, called ‘Felchen’) – but I’m thinking the butter would be better with a stronger fish. I liked the nori with juniper berry very much. Juniper prolongs the nori flavor. It becomes fragrant. Ocean, toasty, pine. Really cool.

5 comments to compound butter #1 (for black cod)

  • Derek

    It looks superb! Nice photos. I’m really glad you tried it and liked it. How did the apple work? It seems like a good match.

  • jonas

    Thank you Derek. I am really enjoying this composition. I gave it another try today. Added a crayfish sauce. That turned out very good. Got very positive feedback for this. Three flavor groups seemed to work together: juniper, nori, butter/ cisco, crayfish, cognac/apple, wasabi, leek. The adaption of your composition on cuuks looks like this:

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