Quiet update

We started working on this update in December. The full house dinners, christmas madness and new year binges didn’t help much… and before we were done with it, a side project got in the way. Something called Sous Vide Celsius - a promising iPhone App in German.

Cuuks is our first and favorite and the suggestions I get for ad hoc food improvisations still seem to improve. There are a lot of creative and progressive compositions on Cuuks now. I am proud that this project managed to engage people with an outstanding sense for flavor combinations. If you come back only once in a while – and post fantastic stuff like this – then I don’t mind the quiet times…

In this update besides bug fixes like

… shortening twitter feeds
… fitting composition titles to panels
… Internet Explorer 6 (too many to list )

this Version 1.5.4 features:

Design changes – to brighten your mind and facilitate user interaction

Nice URL’s – to copy & paste without shame

Cuuks, the Mobile Version!
A user-requested feature. Very few people carry a laptop while working a stove or foraging roots and spring flowers – so this makes a lot of sense! Check it out!

Thank you for sharing ideas. Enjoy this one!


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