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What is cuuks for?
On cuuks you create flavor compositions.
You can add Food pairing ideas you come across. The ones you pick up from a friend, a website, a food blog, recipe books or the ideas you have on your ride to work… Cuuks suggests ingredients that match and shows compositions that are similar to what you had in mind. You can comment on other people's compositions, like them and send links to facebook and twitter.

Who uses cuuks?
Anyone who likes to create ingredient/flavor compositions, be it professionally or at home:
Chefs, bartenders, caterers, sommeliers, aroma professionals, amateurs...

Where do I post bugs?
Go to Help & Support in http://www.cuuks.com/forum/

How can I change username, E-mail, password?
To change E-mail and passwords: Log in. Go to http://www.cuuks.com/forum/ > User Control Panel > Profile > Edit account settings
You can't change usernames. You could however start a new cuuks profile with a different email address.

How can I delete the old composition?
For now you can only edit your own compositions, when logged in. Deleting compositions is not possible.

What's the "adapt" function when I'm viewing someone else's composition?
Click "adapt" to load a copy of the composition you are viewing. You can then edit this composition and save it on your profile. You may want to give credit to the original post or change it into something completely.

Who are you? I mean what's your job?
Jonas, chef, currently working in Basel, Switzerland - http://www.unfood.ch
Stefan, interaction designer, working in Zurich, Switzerland - http://www.twitter.com/mehlkelm

How does the algorithm work?
Suggestions for ingredient matches are based on what other users combined. We also take tag similarity into account: Similar ingredients have similar connections.

What are you going to do with all that information about your users?
When you create a cuuks account, your username is listed publicly on your profile page and in search results. You may provide additional information such as a short biography or a picture.
We may use your contact information to send you information about our services or to market to you. You may unsubscribe from these messages by following the instructions contained within the messages or the instructions on our web site (preferences). We do not disclose your private information without your consent, except in the limited circumstances when we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation or legal

Is the site funded by one of the large flavor and fragrance houses (i.e. Firmenich)?
No. We're independent and we like it that way.

How do you make money then?
We don’t. We think about subscriptions & ads...

Btw, how many users does Cuuks.com have now? We need more action!
Go to http://www.cuuks.com/forum/ check the bottom of the page where it says "Total members:" This number equals the total of all sign-ups. Since every cuuks user is a member of the forum and vice versa. Cuuks
is more interesting with an active user-base. The best way to get more action is to tell your friends.

Where do I submit ideas for improvement
Click Feedback in the footer of the cuuks page to get to

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